Who we are


Brand Management and Brand Development are essential

to M-Brand's success.

We deliver distribution, which is vital to your success.


our portfolio of brands and products is carefully crafted to represent a variety of demographics & cultures within the industry.

The ability to design an niche specific brand/product geared towards a particular demographic allows us to target a spectrum of markets.

Designed and targeted towards women & business professionals.

Mister Twisters : an infused pre-roll line for ages 21-34.

A lotion and spray line designed to inspire everyone to treat their bodies like the temples they are.


brand managers

These dedicated, knowledgeable managers represent M-Brands and products in each of the many states we distribute as well as to maintain relationships with both retailers and end line customers.


celebrity endorsements

& representation

M-Brands is geared to promote the product and the brand personalities are followed by well written licensing agreements drafted by our experienced legal team.


brand development

Lead by Dan Finley, Ph. D., and often involves one of our patent pending extraction processes. Celebrity Chef Danny Wallmo creates Brand/Mark protected award winning recipes and products. Packaging and designs are created in house by our graphic and arts department and often run parallel to social, sales and marketing plans.


Brand distribution

This separates M-Brands from other industry players. Distinctive licensing agreements are tailored state-by-state and can be accompanied by manufacturing representation and sales execution.